The Little Wheelbarrow That Could

December 10, 2008
“Come on Killian, we are almost there,” said Grandpa encouragingly.

“I think I can do it Grandpa; I am going to make it,” said Killian happily.

“That’s it. Remember the little choo choo train,” said Grandpa.

“Yeah,” said Killian.

“Do what she did,” said Grandpa.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….”said Killian enthusiastically.

Eleven years ago there was a four year old boy named Killian Baker who always hung out with his Grandpa Milt and Grandma Cora. Grandma Cora is an author. Grandpa Milt was a rancher, who at this time was on crutches. Killian lived with them out at the ranch when he was two. Now Grandma Cora and Grandpa Milt moved to the city Unalaska, Alaska were Killian now lives, so they can see him more often. Now they live in the tan senior center in a tiny room with a crib for Killian half a mile away from Killian, and Grandma Cora and Grandpa Milt call him every day to come down to play. When Killian went to school he would go see his grandparents afterwards. So Killian hung out with his grandparents a lot; he was beginning to become best friends with them. This is where the story begins.
At the senior center Grandma was reading the book The Little Train That Could to Killian when Grandpa said, “Honey I’m going to go check the mail, wanna come help me Killian?”
“Yes, wait, let me finish the book,” said Killian.
“And the little train started saying I think I can, I think I can, I think I can all the way up the big hill until she finally made it to the top,” finished Grandma.
“Ok, Grandpa lets go,” said Killian.
So Grandpa and Killian walked out the door and started heading for the post office.
“WAIT!” said Killian quickly.
“What’s wrong, Killian,” said Grandpa.
“I forgot my wheelbarrow,” said Killian.
“You don’t need it, do you?” said Grandpa.
“Yes I do! What if I need to carry stuff?” said Killian.
“Ok go get it,” said Grandpa enthusiastically.
Killian ran back into the senior center as fast as he could right back into Grandmas’ room. Grandma was sewing on her quilt.
“Grandma I need to get my wheelbarrow!” said Killian.
“Well, let us find it shall we,” said Grandma.
So Grandma and Killian searched through Killian’s stuff looking for the wheelbarrow, and soon Killian sees it. He runs back out to Grandpa as fast as he could with his little red wheelbarrow right in front of him.
“I see you found it. Let’s go,” said Grandpa.
“Wait!” said Killian.
“What’s wrong now,” said Grandpa.
“I need to rest for the walk,” said Killian tiredly and he stood there for about thirty seconds, “OK I am ready to go.”
So finally Killian and Grandpa were off for the whole quarter of a mile walk, all the way down to the Post Office. In this gorgeous sun shining weather; when they got down there Grandpa realized it was a good thing that Killian brought his wheelbarrow. The mail box was full of Grandma’s fan mail, and Grandpa was on crutches. By the time the mail box was empty the wheelbarrow was over-flowing with mail. Killian was really bad about not making the whole trip down and back on his own; Grandma or Grandpa would usually always have to carry him back.
“Ok Killian, we are half way there just keep going,” Grandpa said encouragingly.
“Ok. I can do it,” said Killian.
“Yes, yes you can,” Said Grandpa.
Then they were off on their way back to the senior center. But Killian was starting to get really tired, and started to complain when they were half way back to the senior center.
“Grandpa, can you do the rest?” asked Killian.
“I can’t. I have to use the crutches,” said Grandpa.
“But I’m so tired,” said Killian.
“Come on Killian, we are almost there,” said Grandpa.

“I think I can do it, Grandpa. I am going to make it,” said Killian.

“That’s it remember the little choo choo train,” said Grandpa.

“Yeah,” said Killian.

“Do what she did,” said Grandpa.

“I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….” Killian kept repeating to himself.

Finally Killian and Grandpa Milt made it back to the senior center when they saw Grandma waiting for them. Killian was very happy to see Grandma Cora and gave her big hug.

“Grandma, I am so tired. Can I take a nap,” asked Killian?

“Sure; you were such a big boy out there today. I’m so proud of you,” said Grandma.

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