They Were Yellow Jackets Not Mosquitos

December 9, 2008
Buzzzzzz, Buzzzzzz, was all I heard the day I was stung by at least 400 or more yellow jackets. It was a typical Sunday in the summer of 2006. Josh, Jesse and I were just getting back from church. When we got back home from church we had a nice meal prepared; macaroni, collard greens, candy yams, rice, gravy, and baked chicken. As soon as we got in the house you could smell the wonderful seasoned baked chicken, also the sweet smell of candy yams. Just the smell alone made my stomach growl. After we got done eating a wonderful Sunday dinner, we went out side to shoot some hoops.

When we got outside, I could see all the squirrels running up the trees, I could also see the neighbor’s newly fresh cut grass. While we were playing basketball, Josh came up with an idea to play hide-and-go-seek. I was a little tired, so Jesse agreed with Josh’s idea and so did I. After we all agreed, we went under the garage to play a game called The Grass Is Green, The Sky Is Blue, to figure out who will count first. Josh and Jesse told me to go ahead and say it. So I said, “The grass is green, the sky is blue, everybody is out except for you!” When I said, “Except for you!” my hand landed on Josh shoe, so Josh had to count. As Josh counted to 75, Jesse and I went hiding.
As I went near the woods and saw Jesse running near our grandfather’s pick-up truck so he would hide in the back of it. By the time I got behind the tree in the woods, Josh was already finishing counting. When he was finished counting he said, “Ready or not, here I come!”
Josh looked for us, and I heard something buzzing in my ear. I thought it was a mosquito so I fanned at it. Then I felt something land on my shoulder and I tried to kill it but it was too fast. Then I heard lots and lots of buzzing and when I realize what the buzzing sounded like. I looked down on the back of my shirt and pants and all I could see was about at least more than 400 yellow jackets on. I hurried and ran out the woods screaming, “Help! Help! Somebody please help me!” As I’m screaming for help I can feel the horrible sting by each yellow jacket one by one. During the moment I was being stung, I was running around in the drive way and all I could hear is my screaming and Josh saying, “Unique, take your shirt off! Take off your pants!” I was willing to do anything to get these yellow jackets off of me so I did what Josh told me to do and when I looked down I noticed that I’m running around the drive way wearing only some Joe boxers and a pair of Air Jordan’s 13.
I ran into my grandparent’s house screaming and when I got in the house my grandmother said, “What’s wrong with you Unique?” I don’t know how I managed to hear her asking me that because I was still screaming while she was asking me that. After my grandmother treated me and calmed me down, Josh and Jesse were worried. So it was then that my grandmother decided to take me home.
On the way home from Hagleys in the Pawley’s Island, I could still feel the pain from when the yellow jackets. When I got home my mom was worried about me and all I can remember was that my mom treated me and told me that everything will be alright!

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