Christmas Eve

December 8, 2008
Well, I was with my family on Christmas Eve, and all of the adults decided to go to my grandparents, since they live next door to my aunt. But us kids wanted to stay home for like a half hour. Finally our parents let us, since they'd be right back. Not to long after they left, there was a knock on the front door. We all (Me and my two other cousins) knew not to answer the door or phone, so we didn't. But the person would not go away! So finally my younger cousin, (i was about 7 so he was 6) said "WHO IS IT!? SHOW YOUR FACE!" I was in the other room holding my 4 year old cousin who was now scared to death. But not to much longer, and we got scared too. we ran to the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and frantically searched for the phone book but we couldn't find it. All we were yelling was "DO YOU KNOW NANA'S NUMBER!?" but no one did. so we decided to make a dash for it. "On the count of three" my cousin said, "ONE, TWO!" and by that time, he had ran out the door. I was still holding my cousin, then we ran at top speed (which isn't very fast, considering I was six) Then i fell. I didn't know what to do. My cousin waddled away, and I was stuck on the ground, the hard, cold, frozen ground, I took deep breathes watching the white cloud of hot carbon dioxide disappear into the cold December air. I turned around and saw just a silhouette of the stranger. I realized my ankle was twisted badly, so I decided to try and craw to my Nana's. It wasn't that far to the door, maybe all of 15 feet. I looked over my shoulder again and saw the person moving closer. I then decided that me getting inside was more important then possibly risking my life, or ever seeing my family and friends again. I jumped up and made a mad dash for the door. I came in crying my eyes out, my mom came over to comfort me instantly. Asking me what's wrong? I told her everything, and then not even a second later, I woke up. No I'm kidding. But my aunt walked in the door, talking with sympathy towards me about how it was her at the door, and she read in a magazine that you should never leave kids alone in the house, because you can never tell if they'll answer the door or not. She was proud of us for not doing so, but i was pretty ticked she did something like that.

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