Expressing Feelings Through Music

December 4, 2008
Have you ever expressed your feelings through music when you get mad or disappointed in something? If no, then maybe you should try it sometime, whenever you get mad. Listening to music actually helps, at least for me it does. I have a story to tell of how I learned how to express my feelings through music.
One day my younger brother and I were not getting along, we were arguing about who got to go out and hang with our friends, and who had to stay home and babysit. It was probably the worst argument I’ve ever had with my younger brother. We drove my mom nuts, so she sent us to our rooms instead. We didn’t get to go out or babysit. She said to us that we couldn’t come out of our rooms until we apologized to each other. We were home all day with our parents. While I was in my room, I got so mad that I just started crying and screaming. That was what I did the whole time I was in my room.
Couple of hours had passed; I kind of cooled down, but not really because I was still crying a little bit. Then it got really quite in our house, so I turned on the radio. I kept on searching through the stations. I kept on changing them back and fourth. Then I turned on the CD player and listened to some random CDs I had in my CD case. After listening to some (I think) rock music I defiantly felt better. I was able to cool down. I got out of my room and apologized to my mom. My mom and I talked about what had happened and then she told me to go and apologize to my younger brother. It took me a while, but was okay, I did it anyways. I went and apologized to him and he did the same thing; apologies were accepted. That’s my story.
This experience had shown me that whenever I get mad, or don’t agree with something, I should listen to some kind of music. This can help me cool down, so that I won’t get into a big argument with other people when I know that I am wrong. Then I can apologize later when I feel better. In that way, it would be much easier to not get into a fight.

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