Boys Knocked Unconscious in Science Lab Closet

August 28, 2008
By Michelle Danese, Jacksonville, FL

It was a huge shock to everyone in Ms. J-’s 7th grade science class when it happened. It started out as any other Monday at ---- Middle School. It was lunch time so Ms. J- wasn’t in the class room, nor was the class. On this particular day she did something she didn’t normally do, she forgot to lock-up the classroom. This didn’t go unseen by Mat H-, the class clown. “He had radar in his head for this kind of thing” his mother chocked out through here giggles and tears. He told his best friend Chris C- to wait for him while he got his lunch from his locker, but when everyone was gone, he dared Chris to go into the closet were the chemicals were held. No one was aloud in there so no one had ever seen inside except the teacher. He agreed. When they got into the closet, Mat playfully shoved Chris. Then they started shoving and playing around. Then Mat accidentally shoved Chris into the shelf. Thousands of beakers fell to the floor, shattering into millions of pieces. Then three huge jugs of chlorine fell from the top shelf, two of which knocked the boys unconscious. When Ms. J- and the class returned, Ms. J- immediately smelled chlorine. She ran to the closet to find the boys bodies lying unconscious on the floor surrounded by blood, chlorine, and glass.” For a minute I thought they were dead!” announced Ms. J-, chocking through her tears.
No one had known the boys were up there until it was too late. “Chris was one of my best students.” explains Ms.J-. The boys were raced to the hospital as the rest of the class was taken to Mrs. B-‘s 7th grade math class. “, they lost a lot of blood but they’ll make a full recovery.” explains Dr. T-. Both boys were grounded and won’t receive an allowance until they’ve worked off the price of every thing they broke. “I don’t think they will act without thinking again.” Announces Ms. J- with a smugly content smile on her face knowing the boys are all right and have learned a lesson.

The author's comments:
Th is piece was based off a project i had to do for school. We had to write a new paper article. Enjoy.

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