last memories of granny

November 21, 2008
This was about three years ago and I will never forget this day. Never until I am old n wrinkled. As I sat on my bed I did my homework. my homework soon got done and I took out a book. My dad slowly walked up the hallway and opened my door. I kept my eyes to the book and then looked at him. Then he said “Come with me we are going to see Grandma, Granny, Aunt Colleen and Kristin. Granny is my great grandma and Kristin is my aunt colleen’s daughter. I was shocked to hear we are going see and granny in the same sentence. I got up put my shoes on and we left I put the book down n walked down our hallway.I our house door and I remember the wind making my body have goose bumps. I then opened the car door and got in.
My dad turned on his oldies music. I was used to it though because I have listened to it my entire life; I sang along with it. About a half an hour later we arrived at my Grandma’s house so that we could all meet up n go together. We waited for everyone to get there five or ten minutes then we left. I went into my aunt’s car with my aunt, Kristin and I. her car was this bright green jeep and ha a case for her spare tire that had a frog o it. My grandma and dad were in my dad’s car. We drove for a really long time and then we arrived at this place that got a huge sign in front of a white building. My aunt and dad parked their cars and we got out. I waited for everyone to get out before we went across the parking lot.
We got inside and we signed in saying we were here to see granny. At the time I had no idea where we were all I knew is that we were going see granny and that’s all I wanted to know. We talked to this lady behind the counter and she said what room she was in. As my dad talked to the lady I looked around. It smelled like the hospital there medicine and soap. We found the room with only a little problems(That’s normal for our family) we found it. We walked in and we saw this older lady with white hair I stared at her for a little while and then looked to see if Granny was behind the curtain. Then I saw Kristin in tears looking at the old lady. I saw the name on her records and it had Granny’s name. I didn’t even recognize her! I looked at her for a little bit longer I then noticed her. She looked so different with her eyes shut. I then said “when is she going to wake up?” my aunt looked at me as if I said the only thing that would make her cry and said “honey I don’t think she is going to.” I looked at her for while. I looked back at my aunt and she was starting to cry and my dad’s arm was around her.
And touched her hand. The coldness scarred me. I looked at her hand in shock while pulling my hand back. I overheard my dad and aunt talking about how she was in a coma. I turned around looked at my aunt and dad then looked back at her. I didn’t know what a coma was but I knew it couldn’t have been too good. Kristin said ”are you going to say hi?” Then I said “hi granny “really fast because I knew she wasn’t going to talk back. The words weren’t clear and i said it as quite as I could. As I looked at her I thought it would be scary if she opened her eyes. I reached for her hand again and did it slowly so that I could be ready or anything. I said “hi granny, I missed you. I hope you get better” I want to talk to you about my dad’s new girlfriend Lynn. You didn’t get to meet her yet but she does a lot of nice things for me. I held her hand trying to warm it up as much as I could but my hand got all sweaty because I was nervous. I cant explain what I was feeling at that moment but my stomach hurt and my body was shacking. I didn’t want to be scared but I couldn’t help it.
All of a sudden my Uncle Bob came in I come up with shock and in came a lady I thought it was one of the nurses but then Uncle Bob said it was someone related to me in some way I forgot how. Then I have uncle bob a hug and the lady a hug. I smiled at the lady. She already knew my name but I didn’t know hers. Then she asked if she remembered me I stook there for like 2 seconds and shook my head “no”. I sat next to granny again and looked at her with concentration. Uncle Bob was saying how he didn’t think that she was going to live much longer at that moment I started to cry a little but before a tear dropped I rubbed my eyes so that I couldn’t cry any more. I hugged granny but I barley touched her because I didn’t want to hurt her. I looked at her again and tried to remember all the happy times when she would be at my Grandma’s daycare helping out with her white dog Sugar.
My dad said that we should get going since I have school tomorrow and we all gave granny a small prayer from all of us. We also gave her a hug and kiss on her forehead. But I didn’t give her a kiss on her forehead because she was too far away for me to kiss her. We all say “bye” to granny and left. As we were leaving I started to cry and I didn’t care I let the tears come down like there was no tomorrow. Kristin gave me a hug as we both cried helplessly in each other’s arms. The tears burned my face. Then my eyes burned and I cryed because they hurt so badly. My dad went on the other side of me and put his arm around me as if to say its ok honey I’m her for you. We then all said our goodbyes to each other and I got into my dad’s car and grandma got into. We then went back to Milford. I stared at the road fly bye. I kept picturing granny right near me lying there hopelessly. I cried my eyes out and my eyes burned. Shut my eyes and rubbed my eyes as if that would help. Then I felt so tired that I thought I would fall asleep in the car.
Then next thing I knew I was getting ready for school and Lynn told me that granny died. That day I didn’t talk to anyone accept when a teacher called on me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone I just wanted to think about why god would take such a great woman and put her in a acoma.

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