5 Picture Of My Sister

November 20, 2008
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The meeting
My first time meeting Kristin was really scary for me. I was 6 years old. I was going to meet the people that wanted to be my family. I remember me stepping forward and asking rudely who she was. She kind of looked at the ground and said Kristin. She was at least 7 years old. Her long brownish blonde hair laying down her back reminded me of mine. She also had gorgeous crystal blue eyes that pulled you in like a magnet. We played on the swing set that made her feel she was flying above everyone. We talked about everything out there. She told me how much she thinks I’ll like it. After our talk I went back home with a huge smile on my face.

Pillow game
She was pulling all these huge, heavy, and colorful pillows out of the closet. She asked with a smile if I wanted to play. Man I never thought my sister had a fun side. She laughed so hard that day because of a stupid move I made. Try popping out of pillows then bang you hit a doorway. She said she was going to pull a Lindsay. She thanked me because she said a made her day way better.

The fight that happened that night
Kristin was about 11 years old and I was about 10 years old. Man I had never seen her so furious towards me. I could see the fire burning in her crystal eyes. Her face was so red I thought if I touched her I would get burned. I made fun of her because of it. I was so shocked by the way she responded. I saw an angry devil flying my way. Then bam my face flew to one side and I hit the ground. I never knew she would ever jaw me like that. After I hit the ground I just laid there ashamed and looked up at her. Her face became to a snow-white color. She slowly lowered her body towards mine. She looked deeply into my eyes and began to cry. I guess she felt bad for laying me out like that. She hugged me like she was never going to see me again. She probably apologized to me 50000 times that night. I just kept telling her its okay. I will see you tomorrow and good night.

The trampoline accident
The trampoline was the one material thing my sister loved dearly. Could you imagine a girl about 12 years old having the time of her life on that thing? I remember Kristin, Brittney, and I were jumping as high as we could. Then that’s when Brittney double bounced Kristin as high as she could go. I don’t know actually what happened. All I know is when she hit the rubbery surface I heard the worst sound ever. The crack of her arm could of scared anyone. She lay there white as a ghost holding her arm close to her body. Tears ran down her face like a flood. Her yelps of pain ran through everyone’s ears as a tape player on repeat. I rushed to my mom to tell her hurry come help. She looked a little confused about what was going on but she came anyway. She ran towards the trampoline but stopped dead in her tracks. She almost started crying. My sister tried to say mom but nearly passed out from the pain. Mom and I had to lift her off the trampoline and head straight to the hospital. We went to the emergency room where the doctors ran straight to her to give her attention. Her face had a dreadful look on it like she was going to die in any minute. Her arm seemed like it was almost bent backwards. She whimpered in fear as they took her to the back.

The circus
All the noise was so exciting. It was this Austin Circus we were going to my family and I. Kristin and I hadn’t been to a circus for about three or four years. Her and I couldn’t stop smiling. Then the doors opened, she grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs to my seat. When the circus started she looked straightforward focused like a college student. Her muscles would tighten as if the tigers were going to scratch off her face. Her heart seemed like it was about to fall out of her chest as the acrobats flew through the air. When half time came by we would run to the food. You see the childish smile on her face as she enjoyed the sugar coated snow cone. When we were riding back towards my house. Kristin would poke me in the side and say “I call dibs on the dragon flying through the clouds.” She laughed and said “remember when we were little we use to imagine stuff in the sky all the time.” She held her small stubby hand out and began to count how long ago that was. Her reply was “dang that was six years ago.” When we got to my house she gave me one of her tight bear hugs and told me that she will see me around Christmas time.

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