November 21, 2008
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My head aches, throbs, in dulled pain. Grimacing stiffly, I raise my hands to my ears and gingerly slide the glasses off. Immediately, I feel both relief and soreness as the tender skin on either side of my head is released from the pressure. I lift my face to see blurriness around me, every object sanded down around the edges and faded like dust into the background. Frustration bubbles inside of me as I strain my eyes as hard as I can, and reflect how truly awful my vision is. I think about about I used to take it for granted, the ability to tell each leaf apart and make out specs of dirt on the sidewalk. I remember how I never noticed those things until I got glasses, and realized what I was missing. Other people see a field and think of how boring it is, while I see each blade of overgrown grass and marvel at its beauty. I can't improve my fogged vision without the help of glasses that leave an ugly indent on my nose and always feel too tight, no matter how many times I get them loosened. But I will always appreciate what they enable me to see, for to me everything is fascinating, even beautiful, when I can see it in detail.

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