Cast baby

November 27, 2008
Looking upon these faces, the faces of my new family, I see nothing but hope. It was our destiny to be brought here, here I see the places I want to be. These faces cheer me on; they show me what’s right in our world. They prove to me that not everything is bad in life. The know me, they understand me, they help me, that love me just like a family would. I know they’ll be by my side until the day they leave, so to them I dedicate this, it’s my love, my hope, my trust and everything good I have in my life. They are my life, they are everything to me. They are Mid Summer and every day after.

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candygirl said...
Aug. 16, 2009 at 9:55 pm
i love teen ink i love poetry evrey person who writes deserves to be counted on. it is talent
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