Trapped In The Mind Of A 13 Year Old Girl

November 26, 2008
My name is Latasia and I am 13 years old. Most people assume they know me, or know how the mind of a thirteen year old teenager thinks. Well they're wrong,you see I'm different from your average teenager. Very different to be exact. If you were in my shoes taking my steps one at a time, you'd see why.

Most teenagers are just being exposed to to the real world things, on the other hand I'm not. I already knew most of the things in life that are neccary to be known, by the time I was seven. I've always been alittle mature for my age so I hang out with certein people that are older than I am, so I'd say that I've had an advantage. Once again if you were to see from my prospective you would know too.

Alot of things happened to me in my short yet unpredictable life. I love music and I love to write and read. I also have goals so don't mistake for the rebelious type that think they're too cool for everything. I want to be unpredictable because the obvious things in life just don't pop out to me. This is what makes me different. If you think you know, you have no idea. I love being anonymous to certein people. If we were to switch for a day you'd see what it's like to be trapped in the mind of this thirteen year old girl. Satisfaction guarenteed.

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Kjs2628 said...
Dec. 30, 2012 at 12:35 am
Exactly how i feel :)
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