A Warrior

November 25, 2008
Admirable, impressive, strong, an aunt, a wife and a mother becomes a soldier. Many people think that life sucks, as well as many people want to live. Patricia B. a woman of the age of 42 got a knee surgery in Rosarito. She was in bed recovery at her house for about a month already. She got really bad pains it was really bad, that she could not get up. They took her to the emergency room and checked her. They told her that it was part of the recovery. They also said to keep doing her therapy. Most of the days she had so much pain that she could not get up to do her therapy. The pain did not stop it got worst. The family did not know what to do. Nobody in the family could sleep, she kept them worried. After some time they called another doctor and told him what kind of pain she was going through. The doctor told them
“That does not sound good” he said
He said to bring her in immediately. The doctor checked her but he could not find anything they checked her again. The doctors did not give up. After some time, they found out that she had a blood cell that was very different from the others. They checked her again and they found terminal cancer and a tumor on her upper thigh. The doctors could not believe that they could not see the tumor because it was not so small. She fought through that cancer like if she was in war. She never gave up. At some point her energy did come down. She knew something was going on but she did not know what exactly. So when the doctor came in she demanded to know what was going on. When the doctor told her that she had a tumor and terminal cancer she just went into this stage that she could not believe that this was happening to her. All her hope was vanishing. Many people believed that my aunt Patty was going to go through it. My family was there day and night. Her husband was at night with her because she wanted to wake up seeing him. In the morning her two daughters and her son would go and see her. When we would go visit her we had to wash our hands and have a mask on our mouth. We had to have that because we as humans have germs and the doctor did not want her to get them, if she did she would get worst. Every day they prayed for her to get better and she would get better but she would come down emotionally it came to the point that she could not even talk. She could not lift a pen up to write. She could only node and maybe lift up a finger. When her daughter wanted to know if she was awake she had to ask her
“Mom node if you are awake” Marila would ask

Sometimes she could not even open her eyes. The doctor told the family that she had a few days to live. Before when Aunt Patty could talk she made her kids understand the things that would happen if something would happen to her and that things also happen for a reason. She would talk to them the time that she could. She would make them feel more comfortable. Her children were raised in a Christian Church they were Pastor Kids, they have a lot of faith in God. So when it came to that day that the doctor told them she only had some days to live they were not as ready as they thought. Not everybody is ready when someone precious and special that they love passes away.

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