November 25, 2008
By Nicholas Gassman, Everson, WA

As I reflect on what I will be doing in 10, 20, or 30 years from now I realize that what you do now will affect your future If you aren’t focused on school then you better have the next great invention thought up. Sometimes you need something in your life to take your mind off of things. This is why I like to play guitar, for it helps take my mind off everything and just focus on playing the right notes in a song. So in a way playing guitar is like having priorities. You play the first note then the second and so on and so forth until the song is over. If you don’t your song sounds horrible and is completely screwed up. So in life if your prior tiers aren’t straight then your life becomes messed up in every single way possible.

Another reason I play is that it is fun to learn how to play songs by bands like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith (which is a big influence in my life), ACDC, and Guns and Roses. My favorite song to play is same old song and Dance by Aerosmith. It has a cool beginning and is one of my favorite songs.

My favorite memory from playing was actually a few weeks ago when I had been doing nothing all day and had not played for a couple of days. So I went from the couch to my room and decided to play can’t be saved by senses fail. I had played it one time through and decided to play it again with the actual song played from my stereo. As I played the intro I realized I had my amp set with too much gain. So I lowered the gain level to about two and played it again. It sounded much better. So now I played it all the way through and made some more changes. I tuned my guitar to drop D and added treble and took away bass on my amp. Then I played the song again and it sounded perfect! This was a defining moment for me because I had never played a song that was longer than three minutes all the way through. It gave me a sense of accomplishment because I had been slacking off for a couple of days because I was having troubles at school. I was actually failing this class. So I played the song all the way through and the next day I came in and made up my missing work that was giving me an F and now I have a B.

Right now I am putting together my own song that I have been writhing for about a month and so far it sounds pretty good. I am using the classic riff from sunshine of your love by Eric Clapton and Michael Angelo Batio’s over under technique for a flashy solo. I think it sounds good so far but needs a more complex verse and a catchy chorus.

The author's comments:
I love playing guitar and hanging out with friends.

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