Bad Memory Gone Good

November 25, 2008
By Kaesy Harris, Sumas, WA

It was another ordinary day where life has its courses and random ways of changing moments… this time was time to let go of memories and move on to create new ones
Therefore playing fast pitch is where it happens, where the sour memories come and yet I learn to create for the better. She’s standing in the ondeck circle determined to win getting ready for the competitive swing, a hit to first and she’s now up to bat the score already five to nothing. She’s in the batters box already in stance the pitcher winds up and now it happens she sees a face the face of her step dad the man she hates the most, the flashback quickly comes to her… she winds up, so does he; a strike, a punch to the side of her head, same thing again. Will she strike out or get a hit? It’s the final pitch her chance to swing the balls coming his fist on fire she’s shaking, sweating. She swings it goes to outfield..centerfield, she finally dodged the urging hand trying to go at her again quickly running through 1st she’s already turning the corner leaving her house no longer in sight as she passes over 2nd she can feel the heaviness the weight on her heart, how bad her head hurts to think about that day, she can hear him screaming her name yelling that he will find her like always, the girl barely ahead going toward home she had made it, now it’s her coming up to 3rd base the pressure of her team, in her flashback the weight of running and already on the other side of the city should she go to the cops will she finally? As she steps over 3rd plate the ball still in play slowly coming to 2nd she can feel the free breeze all the heat rising off her. She’s halfway in the middle she thinks will I make it, her memory says will it be done finally? She goes for it the ball at full speed SLIDE yells the team, DOWN says the coach, and I’ll hurt you if you tell from the voice. She’s starting to fade, closes her eyes opens the door to the officers office, slides all the way down and S-M-A-C-K the ball right in the middle of the glove the team cheering the coach jumping up and down she opens her eyes as the umpire yells S-A-F-E and the officer in the flashback saying “ good decision, and here’s my number if you ever need help, he won’t find you.” She had barely made it to the final home plate her toe touched right before the ball hit the leather. Throwing her helmet jumping with the team that’s game and still undefeatable she felt free and able to be herself the score she reminded herself 7-0 for she’s the reason she made it, she’s the one who could tell him “f*** off David, you’ll never find me again.” And to this day that she as in I gave up and decided to let go of what happened in the past it’s the pain, hurt that’s gone,and now I look forward to what’s going to happen in my future. Fastpitch is the reason I let go of bad memories and moved on to create new ones.

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