Middle School vs. Elementary School

November 24, 2008
By Scott LeMoult, Fairfield, CT

Middle schools and elementary schools are two completely different schools there some differences and some similarities. Some similarities are that they both give out report cards, they both have different grade levels and they both have arts programs.

The art programs are at both schools but at the elementary school they only have one art period a day. The middle is better, the kids have at least two arts periods a day you can have orchestra and art, orchestra and FCS, band and health, and a lot of other options. But in elementary school you have one arts period a day such as art, music, or gym, and for the rest of the day you are in one room at one desk listing to your teacher talking and doing work. You can just go right from gym to art at a middle school. The other similarity is the report cards. Even though the letter grades are different like O’s and, VG’s and, S’s and, and N’s and in middle school we get grades like A’s and, B’s and, C’s and, D’s and, F,s. but both schools give them and it shows your grade at both middle and elementary school. The last similarity is the different grade levels, usually kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th are the elementary schools grade and in middle school it is 6th 7th and 8th. 8th obviously being the highest and kindergarten being the lowest.

Now there are the differences, recess, lunch, and more homework. The recess is different because you don’t have any in middle school; I miss it sometimes, hanging out with your friends outside. Even though at N.S.S. our recess was boring because we couldn’t play football we couldn’t play kickball and we couldn’t even play four squares and if we wanted to play basketball we would have to play the way everybody wants to play and if somebody wanted to join at the last minute of the game we would have to start a new game just because they wanted to play. It was annoying. We could only play on the black top. Since the awesome playground was being fixed to a piece of junk about 5 yards long. Our older one was better. The field was under construction to. They made everything worse. The field and playground were both awesome until the construction crew came along and ruined it.

Lunch is also different for one the food is much, much better and the time period is longer so we actually have time to enjoy lunch. Instead of having 1 gynormous line we have 3 lines and different choices of food. In elementary we had stupid assigned seats for lunch and now we can just sit wherever we want and talk to people at different tables. We just have to wait for Mr. McHugh to tell us to throw out our food and in elementary school we had to raise our hand for about 10 minutes until the lunch teachers finally saw our hand and told us to throw out.
In middle school you definitely feel a change in home work. Well maybe the first and second day the teachers give you a break and don’t give you a lot of homework. In elementary school you only had homework for one subject. And they barley got any homework in science and social studies. But in 4th grade my brother kind of does have a math journal; he is assigned a math problem at the beginning if the week and it is dew at the end of the week. Except our math journals have 4 steps and all he has to do is find the answer. In middle school we get homework for math, social studies, language arts, and science, and sometimes gym, orchestra, FCS, health, computers, and art. I have had an experience of going on the bus. Since I lived so close to school I didn’t have to take the bus. But now I am taking the bus because I am farther away from school.

Middle school and elementary school are very different but they are a little bit the same. In my opinion I like middle school better because in elementary you only stayed in one class for the whole day besides when you have gym, art, and music. We switch classes which makes it less boring because we get to talk when we are in the hall. Middle school is definitely better, in my opinion of course.

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MeetTerry said...
on Jan. 26 2009 at 12:01 am
Pretty nice job, but this was too controlled. When you write, you let your mind free. This seemed more like an essay written for a teacher.

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