November 15, 2008
By Kiersten Spellman, Williamsburg, VA

I had not noticed that this website did stories until now. So I thought of something that's really been bothering me, love.

I now, everyone needs it but it's getting out of hand. Just imagine your past or your previouse relationships (you can skip this paragraph if you have not had a relationship)did you really like them? I f your not sure just right the pro's and con's of them, again do you really like them?

Now just right down what you like in a guy or girl. You now visually see what look for! So just think is there any one in your neihborhood or school(NO not website!) that would mach these qualities? If you found a couple of people good. Now circle the top two things(mine is music and animals)now think of the ones who you would still like. Now I've nown this since day one, talk with the person first, as frinds. But not to good friend so when you ask they won't get weirded out. So just remember love and like is not the same thing.

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