I Just Had to Wait.....

November 13, 2008
Waiting for five years...it did happen. I do not regret any part of waiting for that one special person. He always made me smile when I seen him with another girl. I cannot be happy for them just because I did get jealous. I only met him in 2003. It was hard for the long five years. I did not talk to him for like two years. It was so long that when I seen him again, it was like wow we both have really grown up. Changing into better people. Being side by side as friends for a couple days felt so wonderful. But then one day he looked at me straight in the eyes and asked me to go out with him because thats why he did not talk to me for two years. He dumped her and left her. Then the moment he asked I said yes and was the happiest person I ever could be. To this day I am still happy with the wonderful man Jason. Being the best couple is my favorite times in life now...I thank God everyday for what I have....

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