The Four Bachelors

November 13, 2008
By Anonymous

There are these four guys ages 18-20 that live in an apartment together. The apartment is a typical bachelor’s apartment beat up and flat out destroyed, and when I say destroyed, I literally mean destroyed. The once white carpet is now spotted black and brown from multiple spills of many different things. There are bibi holes in all the walls throughout the apartment and on the back door blinds. The apartment is never picked up with trash everywhere and there is just a sense of filth all around you. You know how people say you can tell how a person is by the looks of their home they live in, but that isn’t always true and the bachelor’s apartment is a good example of that. As I walk into the apartment, I see the filth that lies amongst the place everywhere. It’s not a beautiful sight, but I have to deal with it.
The living room is the first room I come upon. This would be Mike’s “room”. He sleeps on the couch because he has no job and doesn’t pay for rent, if that can give you an idea of how he is. Mike is lying on the couch listening to music. He is about medium height and has brown hair. He is unshaven and has a raggedy appearance. He wears baggy clothes and has a skater look to him. As I get closer to him, he gives off a musty smell combined with a scent of the outdoors. I can still see dirt on his clothes from the day before. I go to give him a hug and his big arms wrap around my body. His touch is rough on the surface, but has a sense of caring in it. He has a big heart on the inside, but from the outside you could never tell. He says hello in a loud, raspy voice. It is monotone and has no fluctuation to it, but I can still tell that he is happy to see me even though he doesn’t show it. I can see a slight glimpse of love behind those deep, brown eyes that stare up at me. He lets go of me and I move onto the next room.

The next room I come upon has no door, well somewhat of a door. It is off its hinges and duck taped together. I have to maneuver my way through the door and the mess of the room. This would be Nathan’s room. I can barely find the bed where he is lying upon because of the clothes, trash, and random things covering the carpet to the point where no carpet shows through. Nathan is about medium height, a little taller than Mike. He has dirty blonde hair that he spikes up to look cool. He smells a little better than Mike, but he still smells of sweat and dirty feet. He probably hasn’t taken a shower in a few days and is in need of one soon. He has more of a preppy look wearing Hollister and Abrocombie. As he speaks to me, his voice makes my ears cringe. His voice has an annoying sound to it and is very loud. He laughs and his laugh is even worse. It sounds of a cruel with laugh that you hear off of movies with witches in them. Despite his voice, it is hard not to like the kid. He is just a goofy 19 year old that can barely jeep a job and is just trying to find his place in life.

The room right next to Nathan’s room is Brandon’s room. As I walk into it, I smell the stench of animals. Brandon has a ferret, a dog, and an outside cat that he takes care of. As you can tell, he is an animal lover. I see Brandon just sitting there watching a movie like always—he loves movies. Brandon is pushing 6 foot definitely taller than Mike and Nathan. He has reddish brown hair and beard. He has lots of hair, including a full beard which makes him look like he should be in his thirties. He stands up to greet me and his pants nearly fall down. He wears Baggy pants because he is a little on the thicker side. He smells clean and showered except the animal stench that he has on him. I can see tattoos on his arm, but nothing too big. They are easily hidden for his job that he sometimes goes to when he feels like actually waking up. He can be lazy on occasion, but other than that he is pretty responsible and gets to work, keeps himself and his room clean. All that he says to me is hello and gives me a hug and sits back down to watch his movie. He is a shy person and doesn’t really speak much and when he does he is very quiet and short with me. I think it’s just because he has a lot hidden inside of him that is too complex for anyone to understand. His touch is short and shaky almost timid to where he didn’t want to give me a hug, but I know deep down he cares. He just has a hard time expressing his feelings.

I come to the next room, the master bedroom. The bed is huge and takes up most of the space in the room, but the room is sparkling clean. This is Ben’s room. When I walk in, Ben is getting ready for work like usual and greets me with a hug. Ben is the tallest of the four of them. He is over 6 foot, so he has to lean down a bit to give me a hug. When I give him a hug, I feel like I am about to break him because he is too skinny and basically just skin and bones. His skin is smooth on mine and has a very sensitive and caring touch. He has dark brown, almost black hair that is properly groomed. He is all dressed up in his work clothes and looks crisp and clean and ready for a hard day of work. He is the oldest out of the four and definitely the most responsible one that works five to six day a week to make money. He says hello and asks me how I am doing. His voice is deep and mature, but is caring at the same time. I can tell he is a caring person to everyone he meets.

I say goodbye to all four of the boys in the apartment and walk out. As I am leaving, I reminisce about the four of them. They all four live together and have some similarities, but at the same time they each are slightly different in their own ways. It goes from the boy who sleeps on the couch to the responsible one who keeps him and the rest of them in line. You can not help but like each and everyone of the four bachelors that live in the beat up apartment!

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