If Everyone Cared

November 10, 2008
What would happen…if everyone cared? You have to wonder, is that even possible? This was the question a discerning young girl named Jo contemplated on often and introduced among her peers. Notwithstanding her peers cared very little for the subject, being much more fascinated by things such as the opposite sex, their own physical appearance, and other people’s physical appearance that they envied. Jo, however, was unique. The inquisition above, she began to ask as she found herself growing up a bit. She was becoming more aware of the adveristy every one faces in life, whether it be big or little. She found herself wanting to care and wanting people to know she cared. Jo sat one day, gazing out the window and analyzed why we don’t live in a world of caring people.
If everyone cared, everyone would have to make sacrafices, something very few of us are willing to do. It may seem as though our precious time or hard earned money would be squandered if we dared to help a complete stanger. You see the feeble, meek old lady struggling to load the groceries into her car. Would you stop to help? No, of course not, that’d be silly, you’re already late for you hair appointment and somebody else will help her. In town there was a house fire and a family lost all their possessions. A nearby church forms a committee to “help them get back on their feet” providing them with clothing, bringing them meals, and writing letters of condolences. You say to yourself with a smile “how thoughtful, it’s nice to see people with such tender hearts” but it never crosses your mind that you could do your part. Well maybe it did, but you certainly couldn’t afford to pitch in, it would just be one more thing to cram into your hectic schedule. There is a stranger walking down the street and you pass them. Did you smile at them? Even something as small as that can cheer up a person. Who knows what kind of day they had…or what kind of life. Just one little grin could be what they need to give them hope or cheer them up. Too many of us meet a new person and just by looking at them or having one conversation with them suddenly know everything about them. He or she may be incredibly annoying, timid, somewhat unattractive to put it lightly, or stuck up. But whichever one, they don’t appeal to you in the slightest and it’s quite obvious their presence on earth was a complete accident. You fail to give them a second chance and get to know them better. Inside they could be hurting, and you just made it worse.

Jo realized, that in order for people to care, people must put everyone else before them so that when the time comes we have our on struggles, we will have many hands willing to help. It must be understood that caring cannot eliminate a burden, but it can alleviate it.
So you have to wonder, what if it that was possible?

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