Daddy's Promise

November 10, 2008
By amanda magee, Pgh, PA

My daddy was an airplane piolot and when i was little he always said one of these days he would take me to see them but, he was always too busy or tired. Soon I started school and saw even less of him. One night daddy came home and said he didnt feel well and went to bed. I finished my homework and went to bed myself. About midnight my mother came in and franticly said daddy had a heart attack. We went to the hospetal and waited. Finally me and my mother went home. The next day after school instead of my mom there to pick me up my dad was there. " Hey champ lets go see those planes." he said as I got in the car. I asked him if mom knew and he assured me she did. When we got there i could hardly contain my excitement. We walked down long halways until we got to where they take off. I thought it strage everone was staring at me and how no one talked to daddy. I turned and watched as a plane started to move. It was really awesome. When we got home it was dark outside. When I got out I saw that daddy wasn't following me. I thought he went in already, so I went inside. When i got to the vestubule my mother threw open the door and ran to greet me. " Where have you been, I was worried." she said into my shoulder. " I went with daddy to see the airplanes" I said. She broke down. " she picked me up and sat me on her lap. " Swetheart, daddy died in the hospital this afternoon. I was going to tell you on the way home but you wern't there when I got there. I stared at her as the pieces fell into place. "but he kept his promise" i said trying to hold back my own tears. She wrapped her arms around me and said "Yes he did" we both held each other and cried "yes he did".

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