Writers Block

November 24, 2008
By cinuqe pierre, Tarrytown, NY

Writer’s Block- What is the definition of it? Some say it’s a time when you can’t think of anything for a story. Well I say that’s wrong. It has a whole different meaning to it.

You know when you’re writing down your story, and you got the best idea ever, but just as you are going to write it down, this green cube, just materializes out if thin air, with this goofy smile, crooked teeth and heterochromia iridium (different colored eyes). It comes up to you it’s as big as a book bag, with these wobbly tiny arms.

“HI!!!!!” This big block screams at you, opening it’s mouth as wide as it can. It has this squeaky voice that something a six year old would make.

At first you freak out. What is a giant green block being in my room?

“What the hell are you doing in here?” you ask.
“Well, my name is-”
“Yeah, I don’t care, can you leave, I’m trying to do something.” you say.
“Oh… okay.” The block says and disappears.

As you get back to work you try to remember what you had before.

“That damn block made me forget what I was going to write about” you say.

All of a sudden the block appears right in front you.

“HAHAHAHA!” The block laughs.

You flip back out of your chair and hit the back of your head on the floor.

“So??? What u doing! ” The block jumps up and down near your face, and then jumps on your stomach. It doesn’t feel painfully heavy, but it isn’t very light either. “Oh I know, lets play a game!” The block asks

“Get off of me!” You pick up the Writer’s block and throw it out the window.

But it comes back and hits you in the face. It has this very stiff body structure, well at least on its pointy sides. Around the middle of it’s back and face are really soft. The block sees you in pain and starts laughing hystericaly, rolling across the floor. Then it starts to make fun of you. Calling you names, poking you and messing you up.

“Hey stop that!” you scream at the block.
“Sorry can’t here you!” the block says and stars trashing your work space, sending papers everywhere and pushing cups on the floor.

You get pissed off so you start chasing the block around, but it is too fast for you to catch it. It slides outside for a minute. At first you think it’s gone for good, but it comes back, soaking wet. It starts to jump on ceilings, drag its wet shape across the floor, making you slip and run into walls.

“You can’t catch me!” It says over and over and over again in a high nasally voice. After a while, you give up and sit down next to your desk that seems a tornado has hit it.

On the brink of insanity, your mind is blank, loss of anything imaginative or creative, while this cursed thing jumps on your head screaming at the peak of its lungs (if it has any) horrible opera songs. At long last you find an idea. You grab the block and shove it into a closet. You start to write it down. As you’re are about to save…

The block busts out of the closet and grabs the plug to the computer. You look at it and start to panic, trying to save as fast as you can. Millions of pop-up open on your computer. “Stupid pop-up!” you whisper.

As you close all your pop ups, the block gets your attention. Hey, what happens if I pull this out? It says with the most retarded smile ever seen. Your eyes widen to colossal proportions.

“Wait, no! don’t pull that-“ The block yanks the cord out of the wall making you lose all of your data. The block laughs at your dismay.

“…I…forgot to save!” you yell with intense anger in your voice. In a flash, you grab the block and throw it against a wall.”

“Ouch! That really hu-“Before the block finishes its sentence, you furiously stomp on it, each stomp more painful than the last.”

“Stop it, please!” The block pleads for your mercy.

“NO! I will never! You never stopped when I asked you to! I am sick of you.”

No matter what you do, you try to cut it with a knife, you try to burn it, drown it, poison it, everything brutal you can think of but its still there. You go back and sit down on your chair and close your eyes. The block is on the ground with brown colored bruises and cuts all over its body.

The block recovers from its beating and stares at you.

“Hey? What are you doing?” The block asks. You keep silent. Then you get up and start to walk away. “Where are you going?”

“None of your business.” You say

The block stares into space, it looks like its thinking. The block then starts freaking out, breathing heavily, sweating deeply, but it sweats out letters and numbers. As you walk down the stairs the block rushes to you. “…Wait, you’re not thinking of…”

“Oh yeah I am” you say. Your idea is just to empty your mind by not trying to fight the block head on, but just to avoid it.

“No, please don’t go outside! I’ll do anything, anything!” The block runs up the you grabbing your pants and trying its hardest to pull you back.

“Too late, there’s nothing you can do for me to change my mind.” you say and start slowly walking out of the living room to the door.

As the block does everything it can to distract you, knocking over pottery, portraits, and anything else, it fails and you lightly kick it away to the side.

“No, NOOOOOOO!” The block screams as you open the door.
“Please? Just one more chance?” the block says.


As you close the door, the block starts to dematerialize until it is gone. You hear this toe curling demon scream as it disappears, its particles dissolving and floating up in the air.

As you sit near a coast line near your house, you hear the block in your mind, in some creepy voice that says

“You may have taken me down, but I’m not gone forever. I will be back and I will make your time a living hell.”

The block makes a sinister laugh that echoes through your mind.

“I’ll be ready for whatever you throw at me.”

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