What I Really Thought

November 23, 2008
By Rylie Rich, Pegram, TN

As I stood there, I didn't cry.
I thought about it, but decided not to give him the satisfaction.
He tried for an expression that said he was sorry, but failed miserably.
"Please don't hate me", he said.
"Of course I don't hate you",was the expected reply that I gave while wishing I had the guts to say what I really thought:

How can you still be thinking of just yourself even as you're breaking my heart?

How do you expect me to pretend that everything is okay while you're just standing there breaking my heart?

How could you have kissed me like that even as you decided that today you'd be breaking my heart?

But I kept all of that on the inside.
And I watched him walk away, glancing around for a new opportunity, even as he was breaking my heart.

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