The Leap of Faith

Hands sweating, heart pounding, legs trembling, adrenaline pumping, but of course, everyone below me didn’t know that this was happening to me. The Leap of Faith, a 32-foot high ropes course was terrifying for pretty much anyone, especially someone like me who was afraid of heights. I continued climbing the staples in the tree, already halfway there. My foot slipped and I got more nervous, trying to feel for the staple my foot needed to stand on. So badly I wanted to look down but if I did, I’d surely turn around in panic. Thoughts swirled in mind like, Why did I decide to do this? and Look down! and Don’t worry.

“You can do it!” someone shouted from below. I realized I was standing there frozen. I snapped out of my daze, found the staple my foot was looking for and continued climbing. Soon enough I was at the top and on the platform. For the first time yet, I looked down and the world below me was a bit of a blur. I brought my toes to the edge of the platform as I had been instructed to do when I’d first arrived at the high ropes course. Now my goal was to leap into the air.

“I’m going to count to 3,” I yelled to the belayer, my voice trembling and my hands holding onto my bright yellow harness for security. My face was covered in a mask of calmness, even though behind that mask was a terrified face. I closed my eyes and counted loudly to three, “1…2…3!” I opened my eyes and leaped into the air and before I knew it, I was hanging in mid-air with a giant proud smile spread across my face.

“So how was it?” someone asked.

“Terrifying…But fun. You’ve got to try it!” I said enthusiastically, my heart still pounding, adrenaline still rushing, legs shaking, and hands sweaty. The Leap of Faith, an unforgettable memory.

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