Kurt Cobain

November 21, 2008
Kurt Cobain was only 27 when he was murdered. He never dreamed of being famouse but he bacame famouse. He did drugs when he was in high school and all through out his career. He is my role model because he has been through a lot. When he was a teenager, he was kicked out of his home. He stayed with friends and sometimes under a bridge. In high school, he fouced on art and would sometimes draw in class. He had a gay friend and sometimes he would think to himself that he might gay. When he met Courtney Love, he said he couldnt have been happier. Once he hid in the bathroom. Courtney called the cops saying Kurt was in the bathroom with a gun and she added that he was suicidal. When cops got to Cobain's home, they went to the bathroom and found Kurt with out a gun. He said "I was just hiding from Love." Kurt was put into rehab when he was on drugs after him and Love had a baby girl. He got out of rehab. Courtney thought he was still on drugs when he really wasn's. She set up and intervention including his friends, family, and old band manager. They all said Kurt was not on drugs. He went into rehab williongly. One night he escaped. Courtney hired a privet investagator, Tom Grant. Kurt went back to Settle. There he wrote a note to his old childhood imaganary friend, Boddah. It explained he was leaving Courtney Love, the music business, and Settle. At the end was some thing more. Handwriting expertes say someone else, not Kurt, wrote it. Kurt Cobain was murdered. If it was suicide, then he would have let the horein in his system kill him because there was an overdose. He wouldn't have shot himself.

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kurt and courtney<3 said...
Jul. 23, 2011 at 6:25 pm
i love kurt and nirvana but this is the most inaccurate thing i have ever read. Get your facts straight. Courtney didn't kill kurt.Don't you understand how much drugs had played with his mind? he had emotional pain from his child hood and a lot of stress on him. He had physical pain from his scoliosis as well. Im glad that you look up to him and enjoy his music but please read his suicide note because you can tell he wrote it.
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