a little weird not missing you

November 21, 2008
it's kinda weird not missing you..cause i have more tim to think about something else...when not with you i have more times to do wat i want...when not crying or being sad about how you treat me i have way more time to be happy and my eyes can have a rest at shedding tears...when not giving you my heart everytime you ask for it after everything you did wrong...i save myself from being heartbroken...its way easier when i dont scream at you cuz i have more voice to sing and soothe my soul cuz it makes me happy...i figured out you were cheating again and now you are outta my thoughts...outta my schedule..outta my tears and outta my sorrows..outta my heart...outta my mind...outta my voice...AND ALL TOGETHER I JUST KICKED YOU OUTTA MY LIFE!!

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