How to be a rock star

November 12, 2008
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People screaming your name, loud music, thousands of people, bright lights. That’s what a rock-star sees and hears when they are on stage.

Have you ever wondered how your favorite band got up on the stage in front of you? Or how about how that CD got to you? Here are 4 steps to get you on stage.

First, you and your band have to write music. Music can be anything, but good music is music that represents you and comes from the heart. As long as you like it and show it. People will be more likely to like it because it should sound good.

Before you record your work, you need to practice. With out practicing you can’t get anywhere. Pick a day when all of your members are free and practice for a few hours.
Next you can to record your music. When recording music, you could buy recording software. The pro of recording software is that you can record at home and not have to travel. In order to have a selling album, you need to produce it professionally. When doing this you will have to go to a studio. When you sell your albums, you will have a professional helping.

Before you can sell albums at major stores, you need to make your band known. Like playing at a local battle of the bands. There you can play music, and sell albums, and any other merchandise. Make a website. That’s your most important link to your fans, and other bands. You can learn form other bands, and they can learn from you.

Now you’re ready to go perform at bigger better places. If you get nervice, remember everyone dose it. Relax and have fun. If you’re having fun. Then so are your fans.

Remember, this dose not happen over night. Other wise that’s one long night. Sometimes it could take years because of recording problems, or not getting your self known. Follow these steps and you will be rocking soon.

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El Maestro said...
Nov. 24, 2008 at 8:13 pm
Good start. Double check your spelling. Examples?
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