The Economy

September 27, 2008
By Brianna Mercer, COLMAR MANOR, MD

As a teen I look at my parents and say, "They sitting there worrying about other people's problem when I need something. We have money so why are the worried" What I failed to realize was that other people’s problem are my parent’s problems too. If the economy is going through a money crisis my mother and father are suffering too. I was watching the presidential candidate’s debate on September 26, 2008 and listening to the candidate’s response to the questions. I was sitting here thinking “One of the people is going to become the next president who is showing there capabilities.” Many of us have seen a school election and the candidates promise many things like; better lunches, more freedom, etc. Do we every really see these promises take place. So as the economy is going through a financial crisis I had to look at the candidates from a different perspective.
Money is money no matter how you put it. How we manage our money is very important. In a few years I am going to be getting ready for college, I would like to be able to know that my parents will be able to afford college. I have seen to many family members struggle to have to pay there child’s college tuition and take care of home. I just don’t want my parents to have to worry that if they miss one paycheck that I might have to leave college. In this society you need a college education to be successful. How can you be successful if things keep changing? All through out school teachers say “we are trying to prepare you for the real world.” In all honesty I don’t think that is working. I live in the nation’s capital. We are the center of attention. I feel like we are the center of negative attention. I just hope that by next year the economy will be back to normal.

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