the choice i made

November 19, 2008
By Anonymous

This past week (Oct 29th through 0ct 31st) I went to this youth retreat. There I made a choice that became a big problem.

First, when all the youth got to the retreat, we started to unpack our stuff in the cabins. Later on we had night service and I told this guy named John (This guy that I sort of like and he likes me) to come sit by me. I was joking with him, asking why he sat so far away. It was only a seat away from me, so he moved next to me. We were just friends, but then people started to ask if I liked him. I was thinking, “Oh, this was a bad move since this other guy that I really like, named Nuchua was singing on stage with his praising worship group.” He just stared at me weirdly and I didn’t want him to think that I liked John. So, the next day I started to avoid John and pretend that nothing ever happened. I regretted asking John to come sit by me because people started to start to think weirdly about us. I started to say things back to people about how some people were being untruthful.

So on Saturday, when we were coming back home, John sat by me on the bus because my niece Kalia wanted to sleep. So she sat in his seat to sleep and he sat in hers. It felt really weird to me because of all the things that happened at the retreat, but later I was fine.

On Sunday, for church, I found out that my friends from church knew everything Wynona said to John. When I heard about that, I started getting mad and started to cry because she was always being rude and hurting my feelings and John didn’t do anything about it. When my friends told me that she said those things I was “OKAY”, although I didn’t do anything until I saw my older sister and told her all these things. She then went to talk to her and explained to her that what she was doing was wrong. After my sister Amy went to talk to her, my friends and I prayed to god.
Then this other girl named April (my other friend who was angry at her too) and I, we both went to talk to her about why she said those things to John. Then my niece Kalia came by us and gave us this long lecture about gossiping and that we had to say sorry to all those who got hurt. So we all did and now we all know how it feels to be hurt by gossiping.

To conclude, I learned that gossiping about others and spreading rumors can cause people to be hurt and that isn’t a good thing. So I made a wrong choice by choosing to gossip about this girl.

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