Love and What Follows

November 18, 2008
By Holly Bainbridge, Cedar Springs, MI

Kate Corey was a young woman from Los Angeles, California. She was a back up dancer for Britney Spears, and was one of the best dancers in Los Angeles. She was about ready to go on tour with Britney and her band. They were going all over throughout the United States.

Kate was leaving in a couple months to go on tour. Before she went on tour, she had some chores she has to get done.

One morning when Kate was running errands, she stopped at the coffee shop to get her regular double chocolaty chip frappuccino when she ran into a man. Kate was grabbing for the same straw the man was.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” murmured Kate

“Its fine!” said the man curiously

Kate started talking to this man and found out where he is from, what his job was, and why he was in Los Angeles. After she found out more about him she decided she kind of liked this man. His name was Jonathon, he was tall, and had an athletic body. But the problem was that Jonathon was from Paris, which was all the way on the other side of the world. Jonathon was on a business trip to promote the new iPhone for Apple. He was really dedicated to his work and would never leave his job because he liked it so much. Kate really wanted a chance to get to know this man a little more and maybe it could turn into something more, like a relationship. But she knew that it wouldn’t work because of the places they live. Kate and Jonathon planned to meet for dinner that night.

That night at dinner they talked about everything going on in their lives. She told Jonathon that she really liked him, and Jonathon told her that he really liked her also.

Kate and Jonathon went on a couple more dates, and they had so much to talk about. Kate and Jonathon both wanted a relationship. Jonathon also knew that their relationship wouldn’t work out because they were from different countries, and he wouldn’t spend the money to fly and see Kate all the time. But they decided to give it a shot and see what would happen.

Two weeks later Kate was walking down the side walk and saw Jonathon having lunch with another woman. Kate didn’t know what was going on. Jonathon never told her about any other women in his life other then his mom and his sister that he talks about all the time. This woman couldn’t have been his mom or his sister. This woman didn’t look old enough to be his mother, and he was being too friendly with this girl to have it be his sister. Kate thought they shared everything with each other, and if he had a girlfriend, she would tell him and not be in a relationship with Kate.

“Could he be cheating on me?” thought Kate.

Kate thought about going into the restaurant and dumping his Diet Coke on top of his head. But she held herself back and didn’t do it. This girl was beautiful; she had blonde hair and the bluest eyes Kate has ever seen. She looked like she could be a model. Kate thought she wait until the next time she talked to him, so that she could cool down.

That night there were many things going through Kate’s mind.

“Could he be cheating on me? Does he have another girlfriend that I don’t know about? Is he just playing me? Am I not giving him what he wants?”

Kate thought about Jonathon all night and couldn’t fall asleep.

The next morning Kate called Jonathon and asked him to meet her at the coffee shop where they had first met. Kate decided she would get some sort of explanation out of him before she gets too mad at him. They met at the coffee shop, and Kate asked about the girl she saw last night with him. Jonathon told her that it was his business partner, and she was helping him promote the new iPhone. Kate still didn’t understand why he didn’t tell her about his business partner. She still didn’t trust him; After all, she just met him last week. Kate forgave him anyways because they were trying to work out their relationship.

“I have something really important to tell you,” said Jonathon

“Okay. Then tell me,”

“You might want to sit down before I tell you.” Said Jonathon “Well, I just got off the phone with my boss in Paris, and he needs me to come home early.”

“What do you mean ‘come home early?’ When do you leave?” asked Kate.

“I have to leave on the 27th.” Whispered Jonathon

“That means you leave in two days.” Said Kate with disappointment.

Kate was crushed and didn’t know what to say or what to do. She thought about packing up her stuff and just moving to Paris with Jonathon, but she was going on tour with Britney and her band soon. She couldn’t leave Britney. Britney was counting on her to be there for her and to do all of her shows. Britney wouldn’t have enough time to find a new dancer. She would have to train and learn all the steps. Kate told him that she could visit him a couple months out of the year when she’s not on tour. But Jonathon didn’t think that two months out of the year would keep them together. Kate and Jonathon thought of everything, but still they couldn’t come up with anything to keep them together. The best thing to do was to break up.

After Jonathon and Kate broke up, they both went there own ways. Jonathon went back to Paris to work for Apple, and Kate went on tour with Britney and her band.

One day when Jonathon went back to work, he saw the boss at his desk, cleaning everything up and putting all of his stuff in boxes.

“What are you doing?” asked Jonathon

“I’m packing up all your stuff. You’re fired!” demanded his boss.

Jonathon’s boss found out about his business partner. He told Kate there was nothing going on between the two of them, but he was actually having an affair with his business partner. Jonathon knew he wasn’t supposed to have relationships with the people he worked with.

“I can’t be fired!” said Jonathon “Just give me one more chance. This is the best job I have ever had”

“No, you’re fired,” yelled his boss. “I don’t give second chances and especially when you do something like you did and with my daughter.”

Jonathon flew back to Los Angeles, thinking Kate would take him back.
When Kate got back from being on tour, Jonathon was waiting for her on her door step. He told her that he got fired and that he was having affair with his business partner. Jonathon asked Kate to take him back.
“Why would I take you back?” asked Kate
“We could go back to how we used to be.”
“I should’ve known you were cheating on me when I saw you with that other woman,” exclaimed Kate. “I trusted you.”

“I just really liked you, and I…”

“And you what? Thought you could sneak around on me?” yelled Kate.

“Well, I wouldn’t say I was sneaking around on you.” said Jonathon.

“Well, you cheated on me.”

Kate knew she would be better off without Jonathon when she saw him with another woman, but she didn’t think that he would do that to her.

There is not one day that goes by that Kate does not think of Jonathon and asked to herself, “What if I took him back?”

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