November 17, 2008
By Sarah Pigmon, Batesville, IN

On a hot dark day in June 2000 a terrible accident happened. My mind is fuzzy about this event, so my family relates the story. This accident took place on my purple bike.
I rode with my sister to Huck’s. We live just two houses away, so I decided not to wear a helmet. I rode through the concrete parking lot. Then, a truck turned in towards me. I swerved my handlebars, and flew off the front of my bike. “Smack,” went my head on the pavement. My sister ran to get my mother while I sat and cried.

My mother came running. She wanted to take me to the ER, but my father said it’s only road rash. Mom had her doubts, but she chose not to take me to the ER. She rocked me in her arms until I fell asleep. She laid me stomach side up on the couch, and went in her room to sleep. After about four hours of sleep, I passed out completely. Then, I started chocking on my own vomit. My mother came to my rescue. She flipped me over, still passed out, and let the vomit flow out.

My mother went to my dad. She told him I almost died, and that she is taking me to the ER. My father just fell back asleep. I then went to the hospital. I went through a cat scan still passed out. The picture showed a severe concussion. The concussion was not a regular one. Concussions push to the outside of your head. Mine pushed inside onto my brain. The doctors said brain damage is likely if they don’t wake me up. Nothing woke me up. After 18 hours, I finally awoke. They said fortunately, I avoided brain damage.

It took me almost dying to realize that I take too much for granted. It changed my life. Now, I try everything to preserve the Earth. Some things I do to preserve the Earth are using florescent light bulbs, use cloth bags for groceries, recycle, and turn off the lights when not using them. I also realize that I am very fortunate to live in Middle Class; living a normal lifestyle.

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tiff-tiff said...
on Nov. 24 2008 at 9:57 pm
hey girl hey!! I love your peice it made me laugh a little.....


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