Hide and Seek =]

November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

One night, at Kara’s house, very interesting and fun things happened. The events went from locking people out, to hide and seek. It was all so much fun. I really enjoyed it.
It all started on a chilly night in September at about 7:00 p.m. Kara, Katie, Adam, Kara’s youngest brother, and myself were sitting in the living room watching TV when Evan, Kara’s other brother and friends came inside. When they walked in, they tried acting all cool, and asked us if we wanted to play a game with them. We all glanced at each other with confused glares on our faces. Kara finally asked, “What kind of game?” Evan replied, “Hide and seek, with no lights”.
We decided to play, and since it was already dark outside, when we turned off all the lights it was really dark. So Evan and his friends got all excited, and began to hide when we saw a light was still on outside. They went out to turn it off and as soon as they did, we locked them out. We quickly ran through the house locking every door, so there wasn’t any way in. When Evan and his friends finally realized what we had done, they began knocking on the door and yelling for us to let them in, but we refused. We then ran through the house, and since the lights were off they couldn’t tell where we hid. After about 20 minutes of sitting outside in the chilly weather, they began getting very mad and started screaming. Evan and all of his friends ran to the back door hoping we forgot to lock it.
When they reached the back door and realized the door was locked, they became very mad. We started crawling along the cold kitchen floor, which was right by the back door to watch them. When we looked out the door, we could see the rage in Evan’s eyes, and hear the anger in his voice. When he saw us, he picked up a patio chair and started hitting the door with a lot of force. We became scared and decided to unlock the door and run to Kara’s room. We finally built up enough courage to do this and hurried to unlock the door. Right when we unlocked it and took off running fast, Evan and his friends trailing right behind us the whole way. We barley made it in the room before Kara locked the door. Her brother started beating on the door still angry. Our hearts began pounding so fast after all this. We finally built up enough strength to open the door, and when we did, Evan appeared. He didn’t look that mad anymore, and simply asked if we could play now, for real. We said yes, and continued the game.
During this experience, I realized not to mess with Kara’s little brother or his friends. They all have major anger issues. It was all really fun still, even after everything that happened.

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