Visiting Mexico

November 17, 2008
My family and I always visit Mexico. We use to go every summer, but now we go to Mexico every eight months. I like going to Mexico every eight months because I get to see my family and my friends often. When we go to Mexico, we go by airplane, or sometimes we go by car. I like going to Mexico by airplane, because we get there faster, and because I like flying in airplanes. I also like going by car, because I like seeing the cities. I also like it because I like stopping in different towns, and trying different kinds of things, like the local food and the things that they sell in stores.
My family and I like going to Mexico because we get to visit our family and friends. I also like going to Mexico because there’s lots of places you can go, like dancing or shopping The very best thing is going into the city. In the middle of the city, there is always carnivals. The carnivals are really fun because they supply lots of games and different kinds of food.
My favorite month in Mexico is December. The reason I like December in Mexico is because in Christmas and on New Year’s Eve my whole family comes to my house. When they come to my house, my Mom makes a special dinner for everyone to enjoy. I also like Christmas, because in Mexico we celebrate a tradition, where we all buy gifts and than we all exchange gifts with everybody else. On New Year’s Eve, my whole family and the other town people all head to church at 12:00p.m. Then we all wait till its 1:00a.m, When its 1:00a.m. we all give each other a hug. When everybody’s done we all go outside and we watch some fireworks. I also like December because in December it is my birthday.
In the summer, and sometimes in December, We have fun. We usually make the trip more during summer because it tends to get really hot in Mexico. In December we don’t really go, because in December its kind of cold, and the beach water is really freezing. When we travel to the beach we rent a boat and we explore the beach. I like going around the beach because we see the beach and all of the houses that are all around the beach. That’s is why I like Mexico.

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