Try for your dream

November 17, 2008
By Miley Lee, Batesville, IN

It was on November in 2006 when I was in 8th grade. At that time, I read some books, which made my heart fluttered with my dream, an international servant. And at that time, Ban-Gi-Moon won the election as the secretary-general of UN. That news made me more excited and happier about my dream.
I really wanted to meet him because I thought if I meet him, he would help me with my dream .So I started to find the way to meet him. Fortunately, I saw the mail which Ban-Gi-Moon would have a lecture near my city. I bought a ticket to go there. And it was held during school, so I obtained consent from my parents and teacher. Finally, I went there to meet him.
When I arrived there, I was coming there by myself and I was the only one who was a student. So I was kind of nervous and lonely. But I was so excited and happy and thinking just about his lecture. His lecture began. I couldn’t believe he stood in front of me. I was getting more excited. He started to talk about his childhood and his experience to meet Kennedy president. When he was a high school student, he went to America and meet Kennedy. He said that his heart beat fast and meeting with Kennedy president was a big motive for him to become a diplomat. I also thought it would help my dream to come true my dream. And he talked about his plan and ambition as the secretary-general of The UN. He seemed to be full of passion. He looked old but he had a dream and ambition so it made him an ambitious person more than other youth. And he was so nice and modest. These his characteristics made me respect him more. While I listened to him, I couldn’t help beating of my heart. I tried not to miss what he said not even a word.
After this lecture, I really wanted to talk him. I knew that it’s completely impossible to meet him. But I wrote a letter the day before. I wanted to give it to him. As soon as he finished I went out. However there were already a lot of people. People tried to shake hands with him and receive a signature from him. I was almost in front of him. But people were pushing me and I tried not to fall down. I really wanted to go to him, but finally people who want to see him like me pushed me and I fell down. So I couldn’t meet him and give him my letter.
Even though my attempt failed, I was so happy. While I went back to home I thought about my dream. I felt like it could definitely come true. And I was proud myself because I tried to meet him and I made good experience and meeting. I’ve read a book about life and the way to succeed. The author said, “try to meet the person who is best in your field and try to talk them and he could be your mentor.” I was impressed by it. I tried it. So I was so happy and thank him. I think author’s words are right. It was big chance for me. And I’ll never forget this experience.
I want to say, “if you have dream and want to meet someone who you like and respect and give you dreams or a piece of advice, try to meet them right now.”

The author's comments:
I am a foreign exchange student from South Korea. I've been at Batesville High School for 3 months.

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