October 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever thought that you happened to be different from anyone else? Only because you laugh funny or your hair is never perfect like anyone elses. For one day did you ever just want to be someone else and think how much they probably have it better, or that they really don't and they just want to play it off? I always wanted to be the Prom queen and have the captin of the football team for my boyfriend. I always have to keep on wondering why that can't be me. I get a hair cut and I hope that someone will notice it, but I end up just having to get another one all because i have gum stuck in it...again. I guess that I will always be that girl that sits in the back of room, looking at everyone else thinking about what their all doing after school with their friends as I'm walking home by myself again just getting laughed at and teased. I just wish I have one friend to always be... Oh gosh bell rang and im still sitting here.

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