Falling Down

November 17, 2008
By Aaron Schmid, Batesville, IN

One day, my mom asked my brother and me to run down to Save – A – Lot to get some milk and cereal for our breakfast. My brother was allowed to pick whichever cereal he wanted, so he picked plain LIFE cereal. I told him that since I was the one with the money, I wasn’t going to pay for his “nasty” cereal, so that made him mad and he left the store.

See, we rode our bikes to Save – A – Lot, and carrying both milk and cereal home on a bike is kind of hard. I don’t have a problem with carrying one or the other, but I can’t carry both, so I decided to buy his stupid cereal just so he would carry it home.
After I bought what I needed, I left the store and found him waiting right outside. He asked me, “Did you get my cereal, or did you get the cereal that you wanted?” I told him that I bought the cereal I wanted, and that made him mad and he left for home. I started to go down the alleyway between Randy’s Roadhouse and Save – A – Lot, when he yelled, “You can’t go down that way!” I decided I would go down the alley just to prove him wrong. Usually I can, even with a gallon of milk, but since I had both milk and cereal, when I went down the steps, I wrecked my bike.
When I wrecked, my brother just rode right by me and went home. I got up just fine and continued to ride home with the milk and cereal. When I came home, I was a little bloodied-up, but that didn’t bother me at all. What had made me mad was the fact that he didn’t even stop to see if I was okay or to take the milk or cereal so it would be easier for me to ride home. So, I walked up to him and acted like I was going to punch
Schmid 2
him and he backed up into a corner and got upset. I decided to leave him alone and I went and cleaned off my arm and my knee where I had fallen. After that, I took a shower to clean myself off.
The whole night, my brother was trying to apologize to me, but I wouldn’t pay him any attention. Finally, I accepted his apology. You know, I probably shouldn’t have told him That I got the wrong cereal in the first place, but more importantly, I shouldn’t have been mean to him. The lesson I learned here was: I need to be a lot nicer to my brother,

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