Haspen Acres

November 17, 2008
By Bob Kurtz, Batesville, IN

About one month ago, my brother and his friends were going to Haspen Acres to ride quads. I have never been there before so I really wanted to go. I was helping my brother load up the four-wheelers when he asked me to tag along. I was so excited that I had this opportunity.

There was only one problem, I didn’t have a four-wheeler to ride. Mine was broken. My brother being the nice guy he is, called his friend and asked if I could borrow one of his quads for the day. The quad I got was not as nice as mine or any of the other ones but at least I could tag along with them. I learned that something is better than nothing.

As the morning turned to midday, we were ready to head to Haspen. Everything was going good until our trailer tire went flat. It was on the rim. Luckily it was a tandem axle trailer and we didn’t have much weight on the back of the trailer. So we just kept driving.

I was so surprised how many people were there. This place was huge. Being my first time I was scared, but excited. After riding there for an hour or so I was cruising around just like everyone else, because I was getting use to the area.

The people down there are so nice. They were willing to help people with anything as long as they had the equipment to do it with. One guy told me he would help anyone he could because there is nothing worse than being at Haspen with nothing to ride. Jeeps were getting stuck and other guys would help them get unstuck. Everybody treated everyone else like family, rather they knew you or not. It was a blast!

I was riding the four-wheeler my brother’s friend let me borrow, when something bad happened. I was just cruising through the woods when it quit running. I though maybe I blew it

up or something. The only thing we could do, was tow it back to the trailer and see what was wrong with it. Once we got to looking at it, we found out it was just low on oil. It’s a good thing it is like family around there because we found someone who had oil for the four-wheeler. After we added some oil to the four-wheeler it fired right up. So than we took off.

When we were all tired and it was getting dark out, we headed back to the trailer to pack up and go home. Everything went pretty smooth on the way home. We stopped at Larosas, because we were all starving. Going to Haspen Acres was a great experience for me. I am glad my brother let me go along for a fun day at Haspen Acres.

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