Wrecking and Flipping

November 17, 2008
By Cole Masters, Batesville, IN

Cole Masters

Last summer, my dad and me where visiting my uncle Rick and my cousins Ben and Chad in Kentucky. We where staying at his cabin at Lake Cumberline.
Ben and me had nothing to do. It was hot, dry, and humid outside so we decided to go up to the farm and bring out the go-kart. It was running fine; nothing was screwed up or broken. We started riding around the house, through the field, around the barn and through the dirt. As I got more comfortable driving it I got riskier and faster. We were starting to do donuts in the dirt and drift around corners.
After about half an hour, we went in the house to get some food. We let the go-kart sit for about an hour. Then we got back in it and started riding again. My uncle stopped us and said we where getting a little too crazy. We didn’t take his advice too much; we just wanted to keep riding. I started to do donuts in a different spot; the gravel drive way. My cousin is kind of fat and could probably make us flip but I wasn’t thinking about that. I started to yank the wheel doing burnouts. We decided to do one more donut. So I drove into the gravel as fast as the go-kart would go. As soon as I yanked the wheel I realized that it was a slanted driveway. The fact that my cousin is fat didn’t help us any. So the go-kart began to flip! I flew out hitting my knee on the tire while Ben’s fatness kept him from doing the same. When the kart stopped flipping, Bens arm was stuck under the tire while it ate up his arm. Due to my adrenaline pumping so fast, I was able to forget about the pain in my knee and pick the go-kart up off of him. My uncle and my dad were

too late to get over to us and help, so I did everything I could by myself which was pretty much everything. Knowing Ben, he started crying to his mommy, being babied, but I can understand the pain in his arm because a tire just chewed it up.
I learned three lessons from wrecking the Go-kart over the gravel hill. One, watch where you are doing donuts. Two, don’t do donuts with a fat kid in the passenger seat. Three, if your uncle tells you to slow down or be more careful, you should take his advice because you could wreck like me.

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freakkidjr said...
on Nov. 26 2008 at 2:27 pm
Nice story Cole, this is John S. See you in Biology


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