November 17, 2008
By matt miller, Batesville, IN

A few summers ago, I was walking to my friend’s house with my older brother, Daniel. He was 15 and I was 12 at the time once we go to Eric’s house, Eric, his 12-year-old brother Taylor, Daniel, and I played a video game for a few hours. Eric was 15 and he was my brother’s friend. All four of us played Halo 2 online together versus a bunch of other people all around the world in big tournaments. At the end of the tournament, our team was in first place. My brother Daniel and Eric had the two best scores.

After we were done playing Halo, we all walked through the neighborhood to the pool. We were swimming there for a couple of hours. We played Sharks and Minos in the deep end and we jumped off the diving board a lot.

On the way back to Eric’s house, we stopped at my house to get out of all of those wet clothes. We changed into our Paintball Camo clothes because we were going to go play paintball in the woods. We also had to go back to Eric’s house first. We entered the woods on the trail the goes back to the old fort. We spent 2 whole years rebuilding this fort. Now there is so much wood and nails on it and high outposts and towers to shoot from that it was almost impossible to enter the fort when we were playing paintball. We would always play capture the fort when we played paintball. One team would start out 100 yards away with cover spots and big trees along the way to the fort. The other team would defend the fort. Daniel got his cell phone out and the other 12 guys in the neighborhood that had paintball guns. We divided the teams into an 8 versus 8 game and each player had their own rank.

About 8:30 when the sun was starting to go down we were walking past this man’s house to go home when Taylor accidentally dropped his gun it and cocked off. The single paintball fired out of the gun and hit the man’s window. The man went inside to his house and called the police. Once the police came, we told them our story but Taylor still got in trouble. He had to do community service for one Saturday and had to pay the man to fix the window. The police also told us that we could not play any paintball for two months.

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