No Regrets

November 17, 2008
It was about the eighth day after Morgan and I had been in Destin. The two of us had done almost everything that we could think of. We had already went to the beach thousands of times, went shopping, went tubing, gone to the movies, went swimming, went to Big Kahuna’s waterpark, and we even raced each other up the elevators in our hotel many of times. As we sat on the balcony that afternoon, we couldn’t think of anything new to do for that day. That’s when we saw five wave runners fly by out in the ocean. Morgan and I both thought that riding one of them would be fun. So, Morgan asked her older sister, Alaina, to take us to the place where you could rent them. The three of us got in the car and headed to find a place.

After driving around for a while, we finally got to a store to rent three wave runners. The guy working had to tell us the rules before we could go on them. The only rule was to be back in three hours and also to always wear a lifejacket. We went out to the dock, but on the lifejackets, got on the wave runners and left.

Alaina, Morgan, and I were all scared at first; Alaina was the only one who had ever driven one. After awhile, we all had the hang of it. There were little sprayers that came out the back. The three of us all were soaked from having water fights with them.

As we drove into nothing but what looked like endless blue water, we saw something way out in front of us splashing around. All of us saw it, stopped, and turned off the motors. Morgan was scared to go any closer, so we all just waited there to see what it really was. After a couple minutes, we saw a dolphin come up to the surface. It descended back, so we waited there for a little bit to see if it would come back up. After

awhile, we thought it had just swum away. We started our wave runners back up, and we
all raced each other.

When there was fifteen minutes left, we headed back to the store. When we got there, we took off the lifejackets and headed to the car, back to the hotel. When we drove back, Morgan and I both thought that it was the best part of the vacation and we didn’t regret trying something new.

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