Go Skate Day

November 17, 2008
By Hank Banks, Batesville, IN

About a month ago I was skating in Batesville, just skating around doing nothing and hanging out at the pizza factory talking to my friend who works there. Well so what happened next is I got bored. So continuing on still just skating Batesville and eventually running into my other friend who was walking to work but he had time to spare so we stopped and talked for a minute or two then he had to go so as he departed so did I continuing my exciting go skate day.
About an hour of skating and I started to get tired so I went to my friends house and we sat and talked about school and lifted weights for about an hour or two then he had to go to work so I left and went to the park and hung out with a few friends that were there. At the park I skated a little but mostly sat and talked about things that didn’t matter just trying to waste some time.
Then they all left and left me there alone but I had my board decided to skate the dome shaped building and got bored. So then I just skated through the “dome” to the basketball courts and a cop rolled up and was like “get on the ground, hands behind your head don’t move I’ll shoot”, just kidding. He wasn’t mean or anything he was just like “how’s it going”, “good”, I said and then he told me that I wasn’t supposed to skate through the “dome” and I cooperated and I told him that I just moved here and he said that he was just informing me about the no skating in the “dome” rule.

Then I left the park and went to the library and asked to use the phone and they asked if it was local and I said yes and they let me use the phone and I called my mom and told her that I was done skating and she said ok stay at the library and she will pick me up there and I said okay. So I skated the library for about fifteen minutes and then my mom showed up in her van and I got in and we headed on our way back home and I was beat not like abused by my mom or anything I was beat from skating around for like four hours and then I arrived at my house and ate dinner and went to bed, and that concludes my story of my go skate day.

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