The Beach

November 17, 2008
Early in the morning during summer vacation my sister and I were packing our swimsuit so we could go swimming at the beach with our family. I didn’t want togo swimming because I don’t like salty water, and also I had this new outfit and I wantEach time I Mom, Dad, and brothers were going also to the beach. My mom told me to bring my swim suit in case I change my Mind. “ I don’t want to swim mom” I protested.
Everyone told me to bring m swimsuit .I was being a rebel I didn’t want to . Anyway I went without my swimsuit . We got into the car and drove for 45 minutes. I saw a lot of sun burn people. “ I don’t want to get sun burn” I said .

But the beach was prettier than ever. Everyone looked so happy swimming and playing in the water . I couldn’t help it, I went in the water with my new outfit on . I felt awful but at the same time I felt happy and excited. I was happy with my family.All the people were looking at me in a crazy way. I was embarrassed . I learned two different lessons that day : Never go to the beach with a new outfit , and always bring your swimsuit in case you want to change your mind.

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