Oh Canada!

November 17, 2008
Two summers ago, my mom, dad, and I traveled on an adventurous vacation to the beautiful city of Banff, Canada. At first, I didn’t think that Canada would be very fun. Well, I realized I happened to be wrong when I arrived back in Batesville.
The first reason was that my brother stayed back home to finish Driver’s Education. The next reason was that my mom forced me to leave my cell phone at home. I thought we would just drive around and visit many of the national parks the whole time, which I didn’t find very exciting. Also, I don’t really like going on vacations with my mom because she is never relaxed. My mom tends to yell at me a lot more on vacations when my brother stays home.

Once I arrived in Banff, I had a lot of fun. Everywhere I went, I saw nothing but beautiful hotels and snow-capped mountains. I found many different kinds of animals on the side of the roads, in the glaciers, and in the mountains. Some of the animals I saw were long horned sheep, grizzly bears, and unique looking birds that you wouldn’t find in Indiana. Downtown Banff was really cool because it had a multitude of shops that I liked. Canada also had a lot of good-looking boys, which I never thought would happen.

Now that I went there, I wish I could go back because it was an awesome experience. I highly doubt that there are many people in Batesville that have been to Banff. I viewed glaciers, huge waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, a grizzly bear, ride in a huge truck that takes you to the glaciers, and stay in a very famous hotel. I have traveled to a lot of different places and not many of my vacations can top this one. The lesson I have learned after this vacation is that I should always give something a chance before I judge it.

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