mosh pitting

November 17, 2008
By chelsea stock, Batesville, IN

It was last year, summer of 2008. My mom had made plans to get tickets to the Linkin Park concert. I was so excited I didn’t even believe it. So the day had finally came and I wasn’t sure if she had got them or not. Well I finally got a call from my mom telling me to come home it was important and I knew that’s what she wanted. So I get home and she tells me that we are going to the concert. So I got so excited and I called my friend Kyle because he was going with me if we went. So we were all done getting ready and we finally left.

Well, we were on our way and we were all so excited and we were listening to music and all of a sudden this semi swerved and almost hit us. We were all scared and our hearts were racing. After that we finally get there and it was so packed in the parking lot, I could only imagine what it was like inside. Well, as we expected it was overly crowded and we almost got lost.

After we all got our tickets and we got to our seats, we got there just in time. As soon as we sat down Linkin Park came out and it was so loud. That was the loudest crowd I have ever heard in all of the concerts I have been to. Well, everyone was having a good time and all of a sudden, out of nowhere a big mosh pit starts like ten feet away from us. It was so scary, there was some pretty vicious people. So Kyle and me decided to walk around it and see how bad it really was. Then after about five minutes it was over and people started to walk away.

So Kyle and me walk back up the hill where we were and tell my mom everything that happened and when the next song played she old me and Kyle to go try to start a mosh pit. So we thought that it wouldn’t work, so me and Kyle and my mom go in the middle of the place and just start bouncing around. Soon enough people caught on to what we were doing so they joined in and it was so fun.

Then after about twenty minutes, there was a really big guy, who got close to me and I did realize it and he knocked me down! So then he picks me up and literally throws me in the air and people below me did dent see me until he did it again after I hit the ground! After that I told myself I was done.

Now I know not to be in big mosh pits with big people that are able to throw you around. The next day when I woke up I was so sore I could barely move! In the end it was all fun and I had lots of fun.

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on Nov. 20 2008 at 12:40 pm
"In the end it was all fun and I had lots of fun." This was my senior quote. GREAT ESSAY!!!! I LUV LINKIN PARK!!!!!!11

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