A Vacation To Remember

November 13, 2008
I remember the summer of 2006 when I had recently came back from a two months vacation in Bavaro, Dominican Republic. As my mother picked me up from Logan Airport in Boston I started missing the good days I spend during vacation. As we walked with my luggage towards the parking lot I realized I was not going to get in a 2006 two door Mercedes in D.R anymore but in my mothers 1997 gray Mitsubishi.

My mother and I got home a couple of minutes later but after a long day of traveling, I was exhausted. I put my luggage aside from my bed, dimmed my lights and as I closed my eyes my mother walked in my room and assumed I was sleeping yet I was thinking. I was thinking of my godmother’s husband’s son, 19-year-old Erni Botello. My mother thought my reason for extending my time in the country was because of all the fun I was having but really it was my love affair with this boy.

There I was, laying down in my twin bed, looking back to the first time I ever laid eyes on him. I had just arrived to Bavaro Beach when Erni approached me assuming I was his father’s wife goddaughter. He looked at me, as I stared at his light blue eyes and as he went to kiss my cheek and give me a hug I felt his smooth light skin. Like the gentlemen he was, he offered to take my luggage to the beach house. As him and I walked towards the beach house I started to get the feeling this vacation was going to be like no other.

Every year I go on vacation, yet this year was different. I had decided I would go to the Dominican Republic on my own to stay with my wealthy godmother whose husband is the owner of many Resorts in Bavaro Beach. Before going to the Dominican Republic, I was expecting the good old regular fun I usually have when I go visit my godmother and her husband. It had been about four years since my last visit there; I was now older and more mature. I would have never expected all the incredible moments I went through during those two months.

I entered my godmother’s beach house and it was beautiful. I put my luggage down and Erni showed me to my room. Aside from all the beautiful nice decorations that surrounded me, a view from the deck catches my eye. I had realized I had my own balcony and a sight of our own private beach. The view from the balcony was incredible and there I spend many mornings just watching the sunrise. After getting acquainted with the house Erni had invited me to eat. I got so exited and nervous I didn’t know what to wear. My godmother treated me as an adult and gave me the permission to go out when ever I wanted as long as I returned safely. I wanted to impress Erni because I sense a chemistry, so once I got pretty enough I called him and we went to dinner.

He picked me up and we got in his two door Mercedes. He opened up doors for me and frequently asked me if everything was ok making sure I was enjoying my time. We reached the gates of a Resort called Ocean Blue, the hotels were beautiful and there were palms everywhere. Far across the Hotels there was a path that lead to the entertainment of the resort. There were buffets, Night Clubs, a Broadway Theater, restaurants and all these places were in a circle all surrounding this beautiful pond. A very romantic pond surrounded by roman tables and chairs. We decided to eat by the pond, he order enormous lobsters with a typical dominican plantains. The food was delicious.
After we ate we decided to walk around the pond. The breeze felt cool so he had his hands around my waist. After a long walk we decided to make the night more exiting and go to the club. In the club we danced all type of Spanish music like bachata,merengue, salsa and techno. After a long night, he took me home wished me good night and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I have to be honest, I was expecting a little bit more but this made me realize how respectful he was. By the end of the night I had realize this had only been the first day of this very romantic vacation.

Several days passed and my days consist of waking up early in the morning watching the sunrise. I would then go out to the private beach and lay on the sand. Every morning Erni would lay on the sand with me. We had developed this friendship with hidden chemistry. We both felt something towards each other but we hesitated to speak, instead we hanged out all day and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries. One of my favorite times was when he took me on his fathers boat. It was about 4:00 am in the morning when he knocked on my window. “Hey, get up I want to take you somewhere” he said. Surprisingly and with no clue I got up and secretly sneaked out of the house.

It was dark on a warm night and as I looked beyond the white soft sand, there was this big white yacht. He grabbed my hand and told me he wanted to do something special for me. I trusted he knew how to drive the boat so I took the steps inside. As he steered the boat, I watched him not taking his eyes off me. That night felt different, I felt for attracted to Erni, I felt something more then a crush. However, I didn’t want to fall for him, as I knew I would be leaving in just two weeks. Suddenly after a couple of hours passed, the most beautiful scenery, the sunrise. “I watch you go out to your porch every morning, you watch the sunrise as I watch the beauty of a women as real as you” he said. I was amazed, I was shocked, and I was falling in love.

The next day I was feeling overwhelmed, why did I have to find love, in a place so far away? What’s going to happen when I return to the United States? I said to myself. So then I asked myself, is this just a fling? I was very vulnerable throughout the day, until I had a talk with Erni.I decided to go visit him next door. He had a couple of roommates so I always hesitated to go in. However I knew I should talk to him so I knocked and surprisingly Erni was the one to open the door. I stepped inside and with a smile we both kissed. I looked around and his house was a total mess. Dishes were dirty couches had blankets as if someone had slept there last night. The floor looked sticky and there was an unlikable smell. He apologized for the appearance and quickly took me to his room.

Erni’s room was as neat as it can be. His walls were painted gray. His bed was well done and there was a candle of strawberry lit by the corner of his bed stand. I realized it wasn’t Erni the messy one but his roommates. I tried to explain to Erni how I felt. I opened up in a way that I never thought I would I told him I felt like this was real and so he agreed. “I have a surprise for you” he said. I always expected a little surprise now and then but not as important as this one. Erni showed me my plane ticket. I had realized he extended my time for 1 month and 2 more weeks! You’ll make it just in time for school he said. Lets go out tonight, dress comfortable”.

It was a very warm Saturday night. My relationship with Erni felt so promising now that I was staying longer in the country I had more time to get to know him. I put on a skirt with a bikini under and a t-shirt. I slipped into some sandals and my hair was pulled back. I looked out my balcony and saw something by the sand. Erni was coming with a blanket and a basket. I rushed downstairs and he looked happy to see me.

He took me further from the private beach closer to the shore. There we laid down on the blanket. He pulled out a wine called Fresita (strawberry). We were drinking moderately and kissing. His soft lips gave me chills down my spine. His hands rapped around my waste made me feel safe. There we were on a night full of stars hearing the waves crashing close shore, hugging. We decided to go back to his place. I thought about my aunt and all the freedom she had gave me. She trusted me not to do anything wrong, however I decided to go with him as I did not want this night to end

As we reached inside his home he took me to his room. He turned on the radio to slow romantic Spanish artist David Visbal. I wasn’t nervous neither was I even scared. For some reason I felt good and safe. We lay down in his bed and he put his arms around me. Suddenly he said the nicest thing. “ Living here in a place were people come and go often, I have never seen something so beautiful as you. I respect everything about you.” Honestly I thought he was going to try to attempt a sexual move yet he didn’t. I took off my bikini and stayed in a t-shirt and the bottom of my bikini for a more comfortable night. Erni covered me up in blanket and we slept all night.

I loved Ernis respect for me. Many guys would take advantage of a girl who had been drinking wine. They would take advantage of the fact that I would be leaving soon, not knowing when they would see me again. He was different, he didn’t want anything but love from me and all I wanted was love from him.

Our relationship had become very strong overtime. We hanged out a lot every night and enjoyed many awesome adventures together. I had slept over his house a couple of times and nothing ever happened. The day I was leaving was the saddest day. Ernie’s father was a very rich man. He owned three airplanes, one jet, two helicopters and two boats. The airport was two hours away from bavaro to the capital by land but by air it would be only 45-minutes. Erni was overwhelmed and depressed but so was I. He wasn’t going to accompany me in the helicopter because he had his fathers business to take care off. Saying bye to Erni was the saddest day of my trip.

He took my luggage, and put it in the helicopters backspace. I thought back when I first got there ironically he welcomed me to Bavaro and was the one to say bye. He hugged me tight and we exchanged emails. Everyone was waiting for me ready to take off. We were kissing none stop; my tears pored out not knowing when I would see him again. When I would get to feel his soft pink lips, his soft cheeks, green eyes and blond short hair. My tears would fall on his shoulders and it only made him hold me tighter. For once I had found love only to know it wasn’t forever.

He let go of my hand as I entered the helicopter. I could still see him through the window. His eyes turned red and he seemed sad. As the helicopter took off he became smaller and we were further until there was no sight of him. It was the end of my vacation, not knowing when I would see him again.

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