"Out of the Board" Characters

November 12, 2008
As all grades gathered for the event in Senior Circle, Mother Nature thought she could dampen our school spirit with a little bit of rain. Boy was she wrong; she can’t rain on anyone’s parade during Homecoming.

Students and the stars of the event scrambled to Smurfit Hall to stay away from the rain. Once the panel was seated and the audience quieted down, the show was on the road!

Mr. Monopoly, freshman Dylan S, started out with a mustache malfunction but had the audience laughing when he mentioned his two favorite things: “Cubans and Jews”. His willingness to fund the freshman class to lead them to a Homecoming victory showed his Spartan Spirit and his “little something something” to the judges definitely proved his eagerness.

Princess Lolly, sophomore Columbia C, was as “sweet” as can be. She came to MCDS because we are all “smarties”, the teachers are “lifesavers”, and because we have a field worth “100 grand”. She shared with us that she has a dream that all Gummy Bears and Jelly Beans will sit next to each other in the candy store.

Napoleon Bonaparte, junior Morgan F, made a special appearance and was willing to “Risk” it all for the juniors to win homecoming. Napoleon is a leader who believes in the four core values and for this reason, Napoleon came to MCDS and use the Spartans to take over the world!

Our last character definitely left a wild impression in everyone’s mind. Ms. Scarlet, senior Nicole H, strutted to the scene with the help of background music, “Yes, I make my own soundtrack.” Her devilish innocence fooled us all as she tried to put the murder blame on Mrs. Rosenfeld with “her cart so full” and the secrets the lie under her bandana. But it was none other than Ms. Scarlet who committed the crime as the weapons were draped around her body. She shared with us a little secret: the Class of 2009 will win homecoming!

As the characters came to life in front of our eyes, students hope their grade would steal the victory. It was a close match between the Seniors and Sophomores, but only the judges can now reveal the victor of the match!

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