Left to Take the World... Alone!

November 6, 2008
By Sherrianna Scott, Littleton, CO

The last time I had checked I was a freshman in high school having a good time with my friends at lunch. Now all four of my high school years are suddenly gone as I stand here - a senior graduating. Now I face my college years very nervously. I wish those four years would not have ended and I could still be at lunch sitting on the cement with my supporting happy friends. But now there is none of that left. I must live on and grow up. In this frame of mind a knock came on my apartment door. Suspiciously I opened it and there stood my three high school best friends. They were all smiling and I let them in. Just like old times, we gossiped and laughed enjoying the moment. After they left, I was not unhappy but joyous that now I had a memory and a reason to not let them leave my life.I realized that even though it is gone you can always relive the past but still enjoy the future.

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