March 18, 2014
I’ve always wondered why people love to be so miserable. You are. You love it. Whether you know it or not. You do. Now you can pout and get angry, burst at the seams and puff off some steam, but you’ll still be miserable. And you’ll still wonder why and so will I.
Simply look around. Everything you see, hear, say, write, read is absolutely, positively, without a doubt miserable.
Films: Miserable, News: Miserable, Literature: Miserable. There is no escape.
But what I’ve pondered more is why people seem to think that just because they’re miserable, so am I. Because I’m not. When I write, there’s always a happy ending. When I speak, someone always smiles. And when I watch, I always find something to laugh at. Not the other way around.
Stop settling for a miserable time.
Look up.
And put on foot in front of the other.
People will think you’re crazy, they’ll wonder why you aren’t like them. But you’ll be much better off, because in the end you’ll no longer be miserable.

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