Only One Enviorment

October 22, 2008
By Chris Beltran, Boise, ID

This paper will discuss the importance of us to keep our forests green so that we can help the environment. Because we have only one. That’s why keeping our forests green is key to our forests health.
One way we can keep our forests green is to cut down fewer trees. Because it would really help our animals as well, and so they can really live in their natural habitat. Its crazy how many trees are cut down every day to make paper, homes etc. Not that I’m against them cutting down trees we really need it. But I’m just saying that we should also replace the trees that we cut down.

Another way to keep our forests green is to put up more fire restrictions so that when we go camping we can see more of nature. Instead of all of the trees that have burnt tops. And maybe put more protection on the trees if possible.
One last way to save our trees is to make more homes out of something that is not wood like bricks. And also restrict hunting so that all the animals can fertilize some more trees, and if we have more trees we can have more paper, trees, and more homes.
John Muir Once said “Going to the woods is going home” I do agree with him because without trees we wont have as much oxygen to breath. And it is really enjoyable to see, so I say to you people CHILL!

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