Going to Sleep

October 21, 2008
As the sun sets to start the conclusion to another racy, fun filled day, you remember all the things you need to do before the net shuts off. You forgot to tell your girlfriend you love her, the lab you didn’t do for today is postponed for tomorrow, and you still haven’t gotten all your dirty clothes off the floor and into the laundry bag. Running all over your room to finalize everything you stop and remember you have first off tomorrow. As the sweat rolls down your face you lay in bed to take a breather. Sitting in bed turns out to be exactly what you needed. Staring up at the springs of the top bunk you make mental notes of what you need to do to get ready for tomorrow. One problem with thinking about working is that, your not working. Your mind drifts off to think about more interesting, more mind pleasing things, like the baseball game you won by run rule, the movie you’re going to watch in class; which means no work, and the 2 free periods you have. You sit back and admire the ease of your life and laugh at your roommate who is studying for an AP Chem. Test. Life is good, life is most definitely good, at least for the time being, where your mind is in never ever land doing summer salts with procrastination. You think of a time when you snuck out of your house and met up with your cool crew to cruise around and chill at the mini-mart. You then reminisce about friends and family you have back home, and how you can’t wait to see them again. You are startled and open your eyes to not only to the sound of the new cadets doing their calls, but to a new day, with free periods, movies in class, the start of the weekend, and all the excuses for the work you fell asleep with out doing.

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