America: Land of the Free.

November 10, 2008
By Delaney Boyd, Blacklick, OH

A little boy sits on the tattered area rug in his living room, eyes glued to the wide-screen television in front of him.
Images of extravagent homes with swimming pools and their celebrity owners flicker across the screen. Their million dollar smiles and porcelain faces wave to the camera.
Next, the television shows flat, rolling farmland, dry from lack of rain, specked with grazing cattle. Farmers are shown wiping a long day's sweat from their foreheads.
There are clips of natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and floods and the mangled bodies those storms left behind. The camera freezes on the individuals who are waving frantically for help, tears streaming from their eyes.
The television depicts the lives of children in poverty with their hole- clad shirts and dirty, bare feet staring into the eye of the camera innocently. Their parents, draped in layers of clothing, push shopping carts loaded with their only possessions down alleys.
The, the faces of families who are untouched by wealth and drought and poverty come across the screen, smiling unknowingly.
With his eyes still stuck on the television screen, the little boy says, "Dad, what is that place?"
His father sighs from the leather couch behind him and puts down the remote control while a flag flutters in the wind on the television as the National Anthem plays.
"That Son, is America:Land of the Free."

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