My Camping Experience

November 10, 2008
By Alvin Alummoottil, Tampa, FL

Watch out!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the only thing I heard before a great plunge into the 30 foot Alaphia River, where alligators swim, and the rapids are wild. As I quickly swam to the surface gasping for air, I saw something on my side…. It was a gigantic silver canoe.

I quickly looked toward my friends, who had been in the canoe with me. Joel was sobbing on the side of the flipped over canoe. Jimmy was hugging a tree far in the distance. Jovelin was floating down the river screaming for help. I swam to the flipped over canoe, and held on for dear life. Then I got on top of the canoe. I hesitantly climbed on the tree that we had flipped over from. I jumped hoping to hit land. I felt a firm surface. I looked down only to find out I was on a alligator’s back… just kidding. I was standing on land. My friend Joel climbed on the same tree, and landed right next to me. As we ventured through the side of the river, we saw our friend Jovelin. When she spotted us, a sign of relief shone on her face. Moving on, I fell face first into a bushy plant. When I opened my teary eyes, I saw four pairs of red eyes staring at me. Releasing my face from the bushy plant, a brown hairy spider crawled out from where my face was. I was glad that I was not bitten by the venomous spider. Walking further down the riverside, we found our third and final companion, Jimmy. He was still hugging the tree. We quickly began walking to the canoe stop, when we spotted two canoes coming down the river, with two people in each canoe. As they slowly reached the stopped, they asked if we needed any help. When we told then our story of how our canoe flipped over, they felt sorry, and offered help. We called almost every number we knew. But the same thing each time… Voice Mail. The rescuers told us that they would transport all of us one by one to the canoe stop. We were saved.

As we reached the canoe stopped, we found our parents, and other people that were worried about us. As soon as my mom saw me, it looked like she hit a lottery. A big smile showed up on her face. As I got off the canoe, my mom hugged me so tightly, that my blood flow almost stopped….. I was safe.

The author's comments:
My name is Alvin Alummoottil. I'm very outgoing and adventurous. i like anything with the word danger in it. I want to win this contest because I want to save up for college.

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